Welcome to Trupti Bhula, where our top priority is being comfortable while feeling beautiful.

About Us


Hello and welcome to Trupti Bhula! I am Trupti Patel, the founder and designer of the Trupti Bhula label. We started this journey in 2016 and it has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. Growing up in the US and then raising my daughter, it was always so difficult to find Indian outfits that fit our style. So, I took the initiative to find my own fabrics and custom made my outfits with a tailor in India. When I started creating Mommy & Me outfits for my daughter, Saaya, I received an overwhelming number of responses for the clothing I was designing. They were comfortable and simple, yet elegant and unique in their own way. This response is when I realized that this was a passion of mine and I had finally found my niche. I wanted to create pieces for other women that were having the same struggle as I was. I love working with clients to find their perfect outfits that give them the confidence they want and need.


Hi, y’all! I am Riddhi Patel and I am the Operations Director for Trupti Bhula. I started working with the TB label in the Fall of 2018 as a Showcase Sales Representative and I enjoyed every bit of the traveling I got to do. Getting to meet clients, traveling to cities I had not been to, and eating diverse foods were my favorite things about being a sales representative. In the Spring of 2021, I started working as the Operations Director and now I get to oversee the label as a whole. It is so exciting to see the growth of this label over the years! When I’m not working, I like to spend time with family and friends, watch shows and movies, and travel to different places.                          


Hi everyone, my name is Arti and I am one of the Showcase Representatives for Trupti Bhula! Officially, I have been a part of the team for a year now, but I have been on this journey as a supporter for my cousin since she started her label. I get to witness the impact she makes on Indian women and have quickly become intrigued on the possibility of taking this label to the next level in the South Asian community. Some of my favorite aspects of the label are being able to travel to new cities, meeting new people, trying new foods, and creating bonds with clients as well as the other girls who are a part of the team. Another reason why I joined the team is because I have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and how someone’s passion can be turned into a reality with hard work and dedication. Although my current career path is very different from this, I am excited I get to learn more about owning a business and gain the skills and knowledge it takes to be successful at it. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors and in the sun, watching movies, and exploring breweries with friends.


Hi, my name is Alicia Daya and I am a Sales Representative at Trupti Bhula. I take care of the facetime calls, show clients our collection, and model for the label as well. I travel often for the Trupti Bhula trunk shows and help ship client orders. I first started wearing Trupti Bhula in 2017 and instantly fell in love with the label because I loved how soft and comfortable her fabrics are. Another reason that I love her label is because her pieces are versatile and so easy to dress up or down. Modeling for Trupti Bhula has easily become one of my favorite hobbies. While modeling and wearing her clothes, I feel elegant and comfortable. Outside of Trupti Bhula, I am a college student who likes to spend time with friends and family and a hobby I hope to incorporate more in my life is traveling to different cities, states, and countries.


Hello, everyone! My name is Pinal Ishver and I am Trupti Bhula’s Content Creator! I’ve known TB just about my whole life and have loved watching her grow within herself and her business. She really knows how to get what she wants when she puts her mind to it and is always motivated to become better. During my gap year in applying for my Masters in Occupational Therapy, I wanted to explore my creativity on social media platforms by creating relatable content since I’ve always had an interest in it. TB gave me my first opportunity and it has really helped me flourish in this aspect of creativity. It has also helped me fall in love with fashion and seeing TB’s vision, which I execute as well as I can on social media so clients can truly see what we have to offer. Whenever I’m off my phone and not posting, I love to read books, listen to some music, and catch up on my shows in the meantime.