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The Trupti Bhula Bridal Party

the beautiful couple wearing their Trupti Bhula outfits

A couple’s wedding is often one of the biggest days of their lives. After months and months of planning, the couple stands before all of their closest friends and family, and vow to live a life in love, partnership, and unity for the remainder of their lives. This year, we were so blessed to be a big part of Savanna and Randy’s big day. As many of you may know, the Trupti Bhula collection has extended to creating bridal party outfits- and for the first time, we extended out designs to include the groomsmen as well. 

Randy and Savanna opted to the more traditional Indian attire when it came to their wedding; however, they wanted a bit of a twist. We went with a more vibrant and bright color palette that really complemented their personalities and the Spring season. With the cherry blossoms in full bloom, we couldn’t be more happy with how these pieces turned out. 

We went with our signature colors for these pieces: teal and baby pink. Savanna’s outfit had intricate handwork along the dupatta, blouse, and over the full skirt that mirrored that traditional look. For her bridesmaids, we wanted the colors to match her main color but have a bit less hand work within the outfits. We opted in creating a beautiful floral embroidery design along the top corner of the gowns. For the groom, we went with a baby pink to match Savanna’s dupatta and tie the full party together. The groomsmen had the more traditional cut of the drawstring pants with longer kurti, while we kept Randy’s top more structured and modern. One of the things Randy wanted to add to the groomsmen ensemble was fun and colorful tennis shoes. He wanted something that would set his group apart from the rest, and felt this was the perfect way to sum up their friendship!

We absolutely loved working with this beautiful couple, and loved how the outfits turned out! For any future bride and grooms that might be interested in working with us for their outfits, please don’t hesitate to reach out or make an appointment with us. 

What was your favorite part about working with Trupti Bhula?

Savanna: Just telling her what I was thinking of in my head and telling her how I wanted to look on our big day. I gave her full control and trusted her skills to make an amazing design for our wedding.


Randy: After we decided to have an Indian American Fusion wedding in KY. I was in search of finding someone who can help us find the right outfits. We checked so many online sites for “Indian wedding attire” but we were so worried about what would be shipped to us. Sizing, style, shipping time. You know any fear of ordering something from overseas and getting something you thought you ordered and it was completely not right at all. I found out she was in our area. Once we met Trupti, we knew she was going to be the one to get our outfits together. She knew her stuff. Growing up in a household of an Indian Father and Filipino mother. I didn’t know really know what the Indian traditional attire was. I showed her a few pictures I liked online, gave her some colors we liked and what I wanted in my head.  A few months later she presented me with our amazing outfits for my friends, Savanna and I. Her design and creativity is definitely what I loved about her. 

What inspired the look for these outfits?

Savanna:  All Trupti. We gave our vision for the wedding and she ran with it. 

Randy: We didn’t know what we wanted. We wanted something modern and bright. 

If you could tell future brides/grooms one thing about working with the right wedding outfit designer, what would that be?


Don’t be scared to reach out. They can make you a dress of your dreams and work with your budget while not compromising quality. Also you can feel super bougie and feel like a queen that you had a special outfit made just for you. A designer could help you get over the hump of what works for you and your style 

With your bridal party you don’t have to worry about everyone going to a certain store looking for the right size, color and what is in stock. Trupti had everything custom measured to fit each individual 

In my wedding party we had two bridesmaids that were pregnant and Trupti made adjustments for them to make them feel beautiful and comfortable 


Not everyone is gifted to have that off the rack body.

If you order something online you just don’t know what you’re getting with clothes coming from overseas. They may look good on the model online. Then you get it and you can’t even get it past your shoulders. I mean I know a guy who has had that problem.  Having someone measure you and get an exact fit to your body is worth it. 

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