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Meet our Production Manager, Pavan!

Meet Pavan Chauhan! Pavan is our Production Manager for our team in India, and our assistant designer. We’re so thankful for Pavan and all that he does for Trupti Bhula. He has been with Trupti Bhula from the beginning of our establishment. Pavan has the ability to take my design ideas, and make them come to real life. He’s extremely creative and helpful with his work. We take pride in his design drawings and ability to design pieces that fit our aesthetic. Pavan makes sure every piece sent out to customers is perfected with our up to standard finishing touches. He inspects eachpiece to ensure a customer’s vision is achieved.
This month, Pavan is taking on the role of managing our Pop-Up shop in India. We’re so excited to have him manage this because our customers will get the direct experience working with him. Our pop-up shop in Surat would not be possible without the hours of work he puts into Trupti Bhula, and we’re so thankful for his dedication. 

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