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The Beauty Behind the Classic Rayon Lehenga

Our classic Rayon Lehengas are some of our most versatile outfits yet. They’re so beautifully constructed and compliment each other very well. The level of comfort in these outfits is unimaginable, and yes- they do have pockets in the skirts!!

Our favorite part about these outfits is the ability to wear these anywhere. They’re perfect for a summer wedding or a family garba night. With the right accessories, you could even wear this to a reception party. The possibilities are endless.

We have several different colors for the skirts, and even more patterns for the tops ranging from long sleeves, to sleeveless, to even cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder. The best part: the tops incorporate so many colors that you can even mix and match these outfits to create 4-5 different looks!

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