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Custom Indian Bride
Custom Satak Outfit | Photographer: Sapan Ahuja

When it comes to wedding shopping, many brides nowadays have such a strong vision in mind but have trouble finding outfits to fit that vision. In the fall of 2016, Trupti Bhula took on it’s first custom wedding outfit experience. We had the honor of working with Krishna and her family to create a magical wedding weekend for all of hers and Anuj’s family to enjoy. Here’s her story:

“Where do I begin? Planning an Indian wedding is hard enough without having to think about what you will wear for each event. So, off I went to India to purchase clothes for all of my events as well as clothes for each of my family members (8 of us total, oh let’s not forget my 5 bridesmaids and flower girl). If you’re not a frequent India traveler, you may understand my frustration with trying to navigate through Indian clothing stores – to put it mildly, there is a lot of variety but the quality and personalization was lacking. And, coming from the states, there wasn’t anything that fulfilled the modern chic look that I was looking for.

Custom Bridal and Bridesmaid Outfit | Photographer: Sapan Ahuja
Custom Bridal and Bridesmaid Outfit | Photographer: Sapan Ahuja

I searched at all of the major stores in Mumbai and practically every store in Surat and I couldn’t find anything that was my taste within my budget. As a matter of fact, budget or no budget…I couldn’t find anything that was perfect for me. I wanted my family to coordinate (some form of color scheme) and I wanted us all to look elegant. I wanted it to be the perfect amount of handwork (and detailed enough yet not overpowering)…it just wasn’t going to happen with what I was seeing in the stores.

I began working with Trupti on each outfit, she helped me pick out the style of outfit to fabrics that would fit within my budget and look elegant as well as work with my body type (very important!!!). There’s something about an outfit that is made to fit your body, I feel as though Trupti really understands this. I’ve worn two of her gowns and they’ve fit me like a glove. I have a short torso and a problem area (like most) and in the past I’ve experienced outfits making me appear way heavier than I am…her outfits not only fit well but also highlighted my figure!

As a designer, Trupti offers a personalized experience, she will point blank tell you the truth in terms of what will work for your body type…in addition to complimenting material, heaviness of the outfit, style, appropriateness based on the event, etc.

Custom Reception Outfit | Photographer: Sapan Ahuja
Custom Reception Outfit | Photographer: Sapan Ahuja

My wedding weekend was a story, and each event and outfit change for not only myself but also my family was a different chapter to my wedding story. Had I been on my own to find clothes for my wedding, each chapter would have been fragmented and lacked a consistent flow. The greatest benefit of working with Trupti was she was able to tie all the events together and present a unique look for each family member at each event. I’m so happy that I chose to use Trupti for such an important part of an Indian wedding to help guide me through the process and create a fashionable and elegant look for all of us. I wish and hope for every bride to experience wedding “shopping” this way.

Love, Krishna Anuj Patel”


With Wedding Season just around the corner, we’re ready to help you achieve the same beautiful memories as Krishna and Anuj did. If you’re interested in a consultation for custom wedding outfits, please email us at


Photographer Credit: Sapan Ahuja


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