Navratri · Rangeela


In the most literal sense, “Rangeela” means colorful in the Hindi Language. This is exactly what you’re going to see in our Fall 2018 collection. Thats right, we’re stepping out of our soft color palette to bring you a more traditional Indian collection. Segment one of Rangeela is going to be all about our traditional roots of Navratri. We’re going to see a lot of colorful patterns, bright colors, and fun mirror work. Comfort is always a big priority for us, and we’re excited to show you how we incorporate the traditional Indian culture among our modern silhouettes. We’ll be seeing some new block prints with a little bit of extra pizzazz. Skirts will have pockets as always and will come with a lot of flare (gher).

The name “Rangeela” is the perfect title for our collection because of its literal meaning and historical ties to our Indian culture. Colors are among us in so many ways: clothing, scenery, jewelry, and more. Bright colors bring upon happy feelings, and we can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store.

Stay tuned with us this week as we reveal sneaks of what you can expect this Fall!

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